The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) is committed to develop capability in science and technology and employ innovation to attain Thailand 4.0 vision. In FY 2018, NSTDA’s key performance highlights are as follows:

Research, Development and Technology Transfer. NSTDA published 546 articles and over one-fourth of these publications were in world-class journals and cited more than the national average. There were 383 applications for intellectual property rights and 261 technology transfer projects with 335 recipient organizations. The agency was able to generate a 45-billion-baht economic and social impact and was instrumental in a 14-billion-baht investment in science, technology and innovation made by manufacturing and service sectors.

These are some research highlights in five targeted areas in 2018.

  • Functional Ingredient & Food Innovation: eLysozymeTM: Food Preservative Derived from Egg White and Food Texturing Agent.
  • Modern Transportation: Electric-vehicle Battery Prototype and Lithium-ion Battery Testing Services.
  • Health & Quality of Life: Captioned Phone Service and Remote Real-time Transcription System.
  • Biochemical & Biofuels: H-FAME Technology and Wastewater Treatment System for Biogas Production.
  • Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture: Mobile Application for Diagnosing Rice Diseases and Genome-wide Association Mapping of Virulence Gene in Rice Blast Fungus.

In addition, NSTDA also took part in the Big Rock Project which was established by the Thai Government to support initiatives to employ science, technology and innovation to build quality human capital, tackle poverty and enhance economy. Initiatives carried out by NSTDA include Coding at School Project to enhance coding skill among young Thai generation; Fabrication Lab Project to develop activities for students and teachers to acquire creativity and skills in design, research and engineering; Establishment of National Biobank of Thailand and Plant Factory to support sustainable development and enhance competitiveness; and Promotion of DentiiScan, a locally developed and manufactured 3D dental scanner, in Thai Hospitals.

Competitiveness Enhancement. NSTDA implements several incentive programs to promote R&D investment in the private sector. Thailand Tech Show, the flat-rate 30,000-baht technology disclosure fee program, has attracted 485 applications for technology license. A total of 404 projects were certified for 300% R&D tax exemption program with the total value of 1,313 million baht. For the Innovation List, NSTDA committee has approved 270 innovations and 226 of these have been published in the Innovation List. Startup Voucher program has disbursed 64-million-baht fund to 87 business operators to be used towards marketing activities, resulting in 915-million-baht earnings made by those businesses.  The Innovation Technology Assistance Program (ITAP) has supported 1,610 SMEs in Thailand. With an investment of 730 million baht, ITAP has generated over 3.039-billion-baht impact. NSTDA testing centers and labs have performed over 50,000 tests, worth approximately 125 million baht. Electrical and Electronic Products Testing Center (PTEC), one of NSTDA testing centers, has been listed as the testing laboratory for the electrical and electronic equipment for ASEAN member countries according to the ASEAN Sectoral MRA for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ASEAN EE MRA).

Technology Transfer to Farming Communities. NSTDA carried out the transfer of technologies to 6,781 farmers in 264 communities in 42 provinces. Examples of activities included technologies for cassava productivity improvement and an entrepreneurial bootcamp for rice-processing community enterprises. A project to upgrade skills of organic farmers in Ban Nong Mang village, Ubon Ratchathani province was participated by 825 farmer leaders and entrepreneurs who will ensure the sustainability of this endeavor.

STI Human Resource Development. A total of 790 scholarships have been granted to develop students and science professionals to boost the quality and quantity of manpower in science, technology and innovation. NSTDA national research centers hosted 324 students and non- NSTDA research staff from Thailand and overseas in their laboratories in 2018. In addition to its normal programs, NSTDA also hosted the 15th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness in 2018.

Management and Promotion of Innovation Hubs. NSTDA is committed to nurture and grow tech-related companies located in Thailand Science Park. Examples of tenants include T-NET Co., Ltd. (an internet security service provider); Betagro Science Center (a research center of Thailand’s leading agribusiness conglomerate); Diagnostic Lab of Zoetis Thailand (a global  animal health company); ASEAN Polyplastics Technical Solution Center (an ASEAN center of a Japanese manufacturer of engineering plastics). NSTDA has been entrusted by the Thai  Government to establish the Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi) and lead the  activities of BIOPOLIS and ARIPOLIS through the coordination with local and international  partners. The EECi masterplan and the construction plan of Phase 1A have been developed.   To strengthen companies and communities in the EECi area, NSTDA worked with 101 SMEs and 63 communities to enhance their technological capacity.

These are just some examples of our work derived from collaborative effort of NSTDA staff and our partner organizations. Our goal is to develop innovations that will improve the quality of life of Thai people and enhance competitiveness of our agricultural, manufacturing and service sectors.

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