Street food has been described as unique and a charm of Bangkok, attracting both locals and tourists. To support hygienic and sanitary practices among street food vendors and ensure safe food and clean environment, the Design & Engineering Consulting Service Center (DECC) of NSTDA has introduced a street food mobile. The mobile is designed with lightweight body and equipped with options of high-quality features and equipment, namely running water system, a grease trap, a wash basin, an exhaust hood and a gas stove.

With the sponsorship of Thainamthip Manufacturing Limited and the Government Savings Bank, DECC has delivered over 100 mobile units to street food vendors in Chinatown. The new design incorporates local identity of Chinatown and supports a new normal practice. The mobile body is made with easy-to-clean 304 stainless steel, whereas a bar counter is designed to respect social distancing and a touchless water faucet uses a foot pedal to operate.

Street food represents a key food sector in Thailand, generating an annual revenue of more than THB 200 billion. Technology and innovation not only bring this growing sector to higher standards meeting the requirements for the new normal, but also strengthen the tourism industry and the grassroots economy.