In an attempt to create the place, environment and interactive ground that generates, attracts and nurtures technology companies, NSTDA established infrastructure to support research and innovation with conducive ecosystem.  NSTDA currently manages Thailand Science Park and Software Park Thailand and is in charge of establishing Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi).

Thailand Science Park. With an established research hub of ICT, material science, biotechnology and nanotechnology, Thailand Science Park (TSP) provides a thriving environment for research and business collaboration, as well as networking. As the first science park in the country, it has dual objectives of incubating technology-based startup companies as well as encouraging established local and international companies to invest in research and development in Thailand. TSP has been managed by NSTDA since its commencement in 2002. It is strategically located on 80 acres of land in Pathum Thani province, an industrial area on the suburban edge of Bangkok. TSP has incubator units and pilot plants to rent to private companies, as well as land for lease.  With over 260,000 sq.m. of built-up space, TSP can offer solutions to small or large enterprises.    Currently, TSP is the home of 81 tenants, and this number is fast growing with the completion of Innovation Cluster 2 (INC 2), a building complex consisting of 4 inter-connected towers. Multinational companies setting up their base in TSP includes Polyplastics, Ecolab and Zoetis, for instance; whereas Betagro, SCG, PTT, Mitr Phol and Thai Oil are among Thai conglomerates making their presence. TSP tenants are entitled to maximum investment incentives provided by Thailand Board of Investment. In addition, TSP is a designated home-base of Food Innopolis, a research, development and innovation hub for food industry. For more information, please visit:

Software Park Thailand. Located in a commercial building in Bangkok, Software Park Thailand is designed to incubate and foster the growth of software companies and industry. Its activities include promoting technology transfer through high-end training course for IT professionals, upgrading quality standard of local companies to the international level, supporting collaboration with both local and international alliances for new market opportunities in Thailand and overseas, and providing space for companies. For more information, please visit:

Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi). The Thai Government has established a special development zone called the Eastern Economic Corridor or EEC which covers three provinces in eastern Thailand namely Rayong, Chonburi, and Chachoengsao.  The EEC is designed to be a new hub for trade, investment, regional transportation, and a strategic gateway for commerce and trade in ASEAN. In addition, the site serves as a focal point for Thailand’s promotion of 10 strategic industries to become the “New Engines of Growth” to drive the nation’s economy. In order to support innovative research and development in the EEC, NSTDA, on behalf of the Thai Government, is establishing the Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi). EECi offers a complete ecosystem for innovation and a new economic estate specializing in research, innovation, and related testing and evaluation. Infrastructure and services will be established to foster collaboration between the public and private sectors, as well as universities and local communities.  There are four innovation platforms within EECi:

  • ARIPOLIS: An innovation platform for automation, robotics and intelligent systems
  • BIOPOLIS: An innovation platform for life sciences and biotechnology.
  • SPACE INNOPOLIS: An innovation platform for aerospace and aviation.
  • FOOD INNOPOLIS: An innovation platform for food industry.

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In addition to Thailand Science Park, NSTDA also supports the administration of three regional science parks strategically located at major universities in the north, northeast and south of Thailand and working in connection with various universities in their respective region. Northern Science Park is located at Chiang Mai University, Northeastern Science Park at Khon Kaen University and Southern Science Park at Prince of Songkla University.

National Quality Infrastructure
Recognizing that product quality is of prime importance to industry, NSTDA made considerable investment in state-of-the-art scientific instruments and well-trained technicians to provide testing and consultancy services to serve growing demand for high quality product testing in Thai industry.

National Science and Technology Infrastructure
To keep up with the advancement in technologies and emerging challenges, NSTDA established five centers as National Science and Technology Infrastructure, namely National Biobank of Thailand (NBT), National Omics Center (NOC), NSTDA Supercomputer Center (ThaiSC), Technology and Informatics Institute for Sustainability (TIIS) and Thai Microelectronics Center (TMEC)