Recognizing the importance of competent and skilled manpower in driving forward science and technology in Thailand, NSTDA implements  a range of human resource development programs to address various segments of the society, from school children to S&T professionals.

Youth Program. NSTDA promotes science learning and stimulates interest in science and technology among young minds in order to create a knowledge-based society from ground up and to inspire them to pursue higher education in science and technology fields. Activities are in the forms of youth camps, support for science contests and the development of learning media. An infrastructure, named Sirindhorn Science Home, was specially established at Thailand Science Park to serve as a learning center aimed at encouraging young people to pursue skills and knowledge in science and technology.

Educational Program. In order to build critical mass of S&T graduate students and researchers for the nation’s development, NSTDA provides scholarships to high-school, undergraduate and graduate students, through various programs namely; Junior Science Talent Project (JSTP), Young Scientist and Technologist Program (YSTP), Thailand Graduate Institute of Science and Technology (TGIST), Thailand Alliances of Institutes of Science and Technology (TAIST) and STEM Workforce, the last program designed for promoting both manpower development and research in industry. In addition, laboratories of NSTDA research centers also welcome university students to work on active research projects.

Professional Development. To upgrade manpower working in science and technology fields as well as equip university students with the proper skills for industry, training courses are regularly offered in a variety of topics, by NSTDA research centers and Career for the Future Academy. As for career development in research, NSTDA Post-doctoral Fellowship Program supports early-career development to recent PhD graduates.