NSTDA Core Business is a new scheme that brings together skills and expertise from various departments within NSTDA to put research into practice, enabling research to make socio-economic impacts.  The first phase of NSTDA Core Business focuses on four innovations: Traffy Fondue, Digital Healthcare Platform, FoodSERP and Thailand i4.0 Platform.


Traffy Fondue

Traffy Fondue is a citizen engagement and empowerment platform that can enhance efficiency of public services.  Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and linked with LINE messaging application, the city maintenance chatbot engages residents in solving city problems. The system allows residents to report urban problems to and get an update on the case from city administrative offices via LINE messaging application. Traffy Fondue system is now used by 8,544 government offices across 50 provinces. The platform can be expanded to cover more state agencies and larger administrative areas.



FoodSERP is a service platform for food & functional ingredients catered to enterprise clients in health food and cosmeceutical industry. The platform serves as a one-stop-service center that connects enterprises to services ranging from research and production to product testing and registration. Production services are offered through BIOTEC Bioprocessing Facility (BBF) and Nanoparticles and Cosmetics Production Plant, whereas testing services are available for efficacy and safety assessment. BBF is a food-grade facility for the production of GM and non-GM microorganisms in compliance with international standards including Codex GHPs & HACCP (Good Hygiene Practices and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GILSP (Good Industrial Large-Scale Practice). BBF’s services include the development, scale-up and validation of bioprocessing technologies, cost analysis and product registration. Nanoparticles and Cosmetics Production Plant offers broad services regarding cosmetic production, including, trial small scale production for product test analysis or market survey, large scale production, and industrial scale production with the ASEAN GMP Cosmetic standards. Testing services on offer include sensomics analysis for aroma and flavor, IDDSI tests for food textures and drink thickness, dynamically simulated gut model, skin tests (2D human skin cells, ex vivo human skin explants, and 3D human skin tissues), in vitro digestion assay and zebrafish model to determine the toxicity of chemicals on embryonic stages of fish and tests for anti-melanogenesis and antioxidative effects.


Digital Healthcare Platform

Digital Healthcare Platform has been designed in partnership with public health providers and medical professionals with objectives to reduce hospital congestions and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of primary healthcare service. Two systems are currently in use. A-MED Care is a system that allows beneficiaries of the Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS) to get free medicines from local pharmacies for treating 16 common illnesses, whereas DMS Home Ward is designed to support home-based healthcare.


Thailand i4.0 Platform

Thailand i4.0 Platform provides comprehensive digital transformation services to increase the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. The services consist of three steps: 1) assessment, 2) transformation roadmap development, and 3) equipment installation to enable intelligent operations.