The following are list of centers and labs offering testing, analytical and technical services:

Electrical and Electronic Products Testing Centre (PTEC)

PTEC provides professional testing to local manufacturers and exporters and assistance to upgrade their products to meet international standards, enhancing their competitiveness in global market. PTEC facility located at Thailand Science Park are well-equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and operated by highly-skilled technical team to deliver world-class testing services to its clients.  The following services are currently available:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing and EMC Site Survey
  • Product Safety Testing
  • Photovoltaic Module Testing
  • Medical Devices Testing
  • Equipment Calibration Testing
  • Energy Saving Testing
  • Telecommunication Equipment Testing
  • Military Equipment Testing
  • Automotive Equipment and Reliability Testing
  • Inspection Body for Certified Marks from Domestic Organizations
  • Railway System Testing
  • Research and Development to develop solutions enabling products to meet required standards

For more information on PTEC, please visit:

NSTDA Characterization and Testing Service Center (NCTC)

NCTC provides a wide range of analytical services essential for industry with industry coverage ranging from pulp & paper, to textile, ceramic, building materials, automotive, electronics, paint and chemical, plastic and metal, cosmetic, health products, medical devices, agricultural products, food and feed, petrochemical and polymer, and biotechnology. NCTC services include physical property characterization, biological property characterization and chemical analysis. The center is equipped with a wide spectrum of analytical imaging devices, X-ray instruments, GC/MS and LC/MS instruments, and several other specialized machines. With a network formed with 20 testing labs throughout the country, NCTC is truly a one-stop-service center for testing services. For more information on NCTC, please visit:

Industrial Ceramic and Houseware Product Testing Center (CTEC)

CTEC was set up under the collaboration between MTEC-NSTDA and Lucideon Limited (previously known as CERAM Research Limited). The center provides services for testing and evaluation of tableware, tile, sanitaryware and building materials to meet national and international standards. With the ability to test at source, this center can provide a cost effective, fast, reliable and competitive service to retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and sourcing companies, ensuring that products meet the appropriate performance standards. For more information on CTEC, For more information on CTEC, please visit:

Design & Engineering Consulting Service Center (DECC)

DECC’s core competency lies in employing computer software to perform engineering analysis tasks to help industrial clients with product and process design. For more information on DECC, please visit:

Toxicology and Bio Evaluation Service Center (TBES)

TBES a testing facility that performs toxicity analysis in compliance with the OECD Principles of Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) to determine safety and efficacy of medical devices, cosmetics and herbal products. The center also employs cutting-edge technologies designed for studying toxicity and bio evaluation of innovative products. For more information on TBES, please visit: