Innovation and Technology Assistance Program (ITAP) is a mechanism to provide technical experts from a pool of over 1,300 highly experienced and qualified technical experts from universities and S&T agencies to assist businesses to increase its value through better product matching with the new market. The scope of ITAP program is to provide experts to identify technical solutions and consultation during the implementation to ensure successful design and implementation. The support ranges from product design, product development, product/process certification and qualification on industry standards, process improvement, and Digital Transformation. ITAP reimburses on the expert expenses of up to 50% of project cost with the maximum of 400,000 baht.

Research Gap Fund (RGF) is a year-by-year project that provides financial support for SMEs to access public universities’ research projects in order to create new products or businesses. The fund helps SMEs reduce their risks on licensing research projects and supports the expenditure on product design, product prototyping development, market feasibility study, required testing and certification and business plan development. The fund is provided through license-owning research institutes and supports up to 75% of qualified expenditures where the maximum amount depends on each round of funding announcement.

Technology Licensing Office (TLO) is responsible for NSTDA IP policy development, NSTDA IP filing and management. The office determines and negotiates fair value for licensing NSTDA research project to the industry. TLO is a contact point for accessing NSTDA IP for licensing.

Company Directed Technology Development Program (CD) provides financial support in the form of “low-interest loans” to industrial operators who want to do research and development in order to develop new products, improve manufacturing processes, set up or make improvement on a laboratory, conduct reverse engineering and commercialize research breakthroughs. CD provides up to 75% of total value of the project, at the maximum 30 million baht for a duration of up to 7 years.

Thailand Tech Show is a program that provides SMEs with easy access to intellectual properties (IP) owned by public research and academic institutes by offering a license to an IP to interested SMEs at a flat-rate fee of 30,000 baht per IP and a royalty payment of 2% of net sales. In addition to the attractive fee, the licensing process has also been streamlined to facilitate the exploitation of local inventions.

NSTDA Investors’ Day is an event designed to serve as a platform for investors, SMEs and corporates to meet with government and university researchers with their highlighted research projects ready for investment or commercialization. Held annually since 2010, the event features research pitch, exhibition of inventions by Thai researchers in various fields including food, agriculture, medicine and energy; as well as business meetings between investors and researchers.