Thailand is best known as an agriculture-based economy. More than half of the population are engaged in agriculture, growing economically important crops such as rice, cassava, corn and sugar cane. Majority of these are small-scale farmers living in rural area.  As a leading science and technology agency in Thailand, NSTDA aims to use science, technology and innovation to improve the livelihood of farmers, as well as support the agro-industry to create a sustainable value-chain.

In 2016, NSTDA set up Agricultural Technology and Innovation Management Institute (AGRITEC) to act as a one-stop service center to cater technologies and innovations to support Thailand’s agricultural sector. With NSTDA’s existing active partnerships with the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Agriculture Extension, provincial administrative organizations, AGRITEC-NSTDA is expected to consolidate and intensify NSTDA’s resources to upgrade the quality of Thai farming practice.

AGRITEC operates with the following mandate:

  • Accelerate the transfer and adoption of technologies to farmers
  • Support the life-long learning processes for farmers and communities which shall lead to the creation of knowledge and innovations.
  • Enhance manpower development across the value chain.
  • Connect farmers to processing factories.


Available technologies:

Production Technologies (crop varieties / seed production / farm management / productivity)

  • Rice / cassava / rubber tree / mungbean / chili / tomato
  • Alternative crops such as mushroom, strawberry, coffee

Eco-friendly Technology for the Production of Natural Rubber

  • TAP (an ammonia-free latex preservation agent)
  • GRASS (a sulfuric-acid-free process for recovery of rubber waste)


  • Beauveria for controlling aphids
  • NPV for controlling armyworm
  • Streptomyces for controlling fungi and bacteria infecting melons

Animal Production Technology (rearing / feed)

  • Fairy shrimp / Siamese plankton as aquaculture feed
  • Closed-system shrimp cultivation
  • Production of stingless bee queens / Quality improvement of honey
  • Forage cane
  • Silage
  • Diagnostic kits
  • Microorganisms to control foul odor in farms

Processing Technologies

  • Processing of Agricultural Produce
  • Good Manufacturing Practice

Equipment and Machineries

  • Rice milling machine for community usage
  • Meteorological station
  • TAMIS registration system
  • Greenhouse with photoselective plastic cover
  • Drying machine/facility for agricultural products

Technologies for Soil and Water Management

  • Unturned composting
  • Vermicomposting
  • Compost from agricultural wastes
  • Irrigation systems


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