The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) was established in December 1991 as an autonomous government agency under the National Science and Technology Development Act 1991. NSTDA is affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, with the Minister serving as the chairman of NSTDA Governing Board.

NSTDA is entrusted with an important task to accelerate science, technology and innovation development in Thailand in order to respond to the need of the industry and enhance the country's competitiveness in the global economy, and as a result, making contribution to national economic and social development. Our mission is to perform and support Research and Development, Design and Engineering, Technology Transfer, Science and Technology Human Resource Development and Infrastructure Development. This mission is implemented through working with partners from academic, government, private, and non-government sectors, both domestically and internationally.

NSTDA comprises five national research centers and two bodies engaging in technology transfer and business development and promotion.  These are:


To be a key partner for a knowledge-based society through science and technology.



Research, Development, Design and Engineering

Technology Transfer

S&T Human Resources Development

S&T Infrastructure Development


Core Value:

Nation First

act in nation’s best interest, be socially responsible and dedicated to the common goal

Science and Technology Excellence

committed to excellence, culminating from curiosity, initiative and creativity, in every aspect with the highest standards

Team Work

work cooperatively, be open to criticism and play a constructive role, subscribe to two-way communication


deliver quality output as promised, contribute to a stimulating and agile workplace

Accountability and Integrity

adhere to morality, ethics and transparency; stand up for a good cause