NSTDA recently presented its promising technologies in ANSO Outreach, a publication of the Alliance of International Science Organizations (ANSO) aiming to promote effective technology transfer from research to innovation, from demonstration to market. ANSO Outreach No. 5 released in February 2022 features seven technologies developed by NSTDA research staff: 1) Aptamers Bound Human Serum Albumin and Glycated, 2) Microneedle, 3) Ion Sensitive Field-Effect Transistor Sensor (ISFET), 4) FleXARs: Antifouling Film for Medical, Marine and Public Applications, 5) LAMP Covid, 6) enR/3S Technology for Reducing Malodor in Cup Lump and STR20 Rubber, and 7) Pomelo Pectin and Fiber: A Versatile Rheology Modifier for Food Industry. The publication is available for download at:

ANSO is a non-profit, non-governmental international scientific organization founded in 2018 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 67 other international science and education institutions from around the world, including NSTDA. ANSO is committed to promoting shared development, sustainable development, and the advancement of the UN SDGs through catalyzing and implementing concrete international cooperation initiatives in Science, Technology & Innovation and Capacity Building (STIC). NSTDA, as the Governing Board and Vice President of ANSO, has been working with ANSO on a number of initiatives including ANSO International Forum for Green Technology held on 11 June 2021 inviting more than 20 top-level scientists from various parts of the world to discuss the newest development and options in green technology and circular economy.