NSTDA and SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Company Limited entered an agreement to demonstrate precision farming solution HandySense at KUBOTA Farm. Located in Chonburi province, KUBOTA Farm was established by SIAM KUBOTA as a learning center where farmers can learn about advanced agriculture technologies and machinery solutions that can help optimize farming efficiency.

Developed by NECTEC-NSTDA, HandySense is a tool for precision farming. The system employs sensor technology and internet of things (IoT) to measure and control the environmental conditions – temperature, moisture, and light intensity, for instance - and inputs – such as water, fertilizer and pest control - to promote plant growth. Users can monitor and control growing parameters from a computer and a mobile device in real time for actions and planning of agricultural activities. The solution has been used in over 100 plantations nationwide. To make the solution accessible and promote smart farming businesses in Thailand, NECTEC introduced HandySense as an open innovation meaning that users are not required to pay licensing and royalty fees.

In addition to HandySense, KUBOTA Farm also demonstrates the use of Aqua-IOT – an IoT-based aquaculture monitoring, control and warning system - and smart greenhouse, both of which were created by NSTDA.