On 12 September 2022, NSTDA President Prof. Dr. Sukit Limpijumnong and executives participated in virtual Public Sector Excellence Awards Presentation Ceremony. Organized by the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission (OPDC), the awards honor government agencies with the commitment to the success of the public administration. The 2022 awards were presented by Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam.

In the ceremony, NSTDA was presented with three awards, one award in the public sector management quality category and two awards in the public service category for Traffy Fondue and Water Hammer Flow Operation.

The award in the public sector management quality category recognizes NSTDA’s effort in the past three consecutive years, from 2019 to 2021, to develop its management quality to achieve Government 4.0 which aims for

  • Open & Connected Government
  • Citizen-Centric Government
  • Smart & High Performance Government

Developed by NECTEC Intelligent Transport System Research Team ley by Dr. Wasan Pattaraatikom, Traffy Fondue is a municipality complaint reporting and management system powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The innovation demonstrates the power of digital technology in revolutionizing the way services are provided to the public.

Designed by NECTEC Data-Driven Simulation and Systems Research Team under the leadership of Dr. Sirod Sirisup, Water Hammer Flow Operation is a joint project with the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, the Royal Irrigation Department, the Royal Thai Navy and the Office of The National Water Resources. The project employed interoperatability – an ability to connect and share data among concerned government agencies - to enhance the performance of saltwater intrusion management.

On this occasion, Prof. Sukit stated that he was proud for NSTDA to receive such a huge honor and recognition. As the new president, he is committed to carry out the mission of NSTDA to drive the national development with science, technology and innovation. NSTDA 6.0 under his leadership will work collaboratively with all sectors, including government agencies, academia and industry to enable STI to make a positive impact to the society and economy, while protecting the environment.