Career for the Future Academy of NSTDA recently unveiled an e-learning platform designed for a reskilling and upskilling program. The launch event was attended by NSTDA executives – NSTDA Executive Vice President Dr. Thitapha Smitinont and Academy Director Dr. Sirichai Kittivarapong – and guests of honor, including Mr. Sumake Panthanuwong, President, Alternative Energy Institute of Thailand Foundation; and Dr. Werachet Khan-ngern, member of the National Electric Vehicle Policy Committee.

Career for the Future Academy of NSTDA has a primary mission to provide comprehensive training and advanced professional development in science and technology to supply quality workforce supporting advanced industries. Numerous workshops and short courses are designed and regularly offered for S&T professionals working in public and private sectors to refresh and upgrade their knowledge. This e-learning platform reinforces the commitment by offering anytime, anywhere and affordable education.

Courses on the platform cover soft skills and reskilling applicable to a wide range of industries. Examples of courses include EV technology, vertical farming, IP law, human research ethics and practical problem solving.

Visit the e-learning platform at