At the press conference held on 22 June 2022, NSTDA President Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul announced the establishment of new NSTDA startup companies. The startups are the result of NSTDA’s recent policy encouraging its staff to bring new knowledge and technology to market.

As a public research organization, NSTDA has developed a variety of technologies and innovations that can be turned into viable businesses. Realizing that traditional technology licensing scheme may not be sufficient to promote research commercialization, NSTDA introduced a new model called NSTDA Spinoff Program.  Established in 2018, NSTDA Spinoff Program supports NSTDA researchers to work with strategic partners in creating new startup businesses to commercialize innovations based on their research. Seven new startups have been set up with two more in the pipelines, representing deep tech in a variety of industries, including life science, wellness and digital technology.

  • Biotech Global Innovation Company Limited offers an integrated bio business platform to support biotechnology and life science businesses.
  • AI9 Company Limited is the first Thai company that provides AI-powered audio transcription services.
  • DarwinTec Solutions (Thailand) Company Limited is the developer of child nutrition and health management platform for schools.
  • BIGGO Analytics Company Limited provides big data and data analytics services as a decision support system to clients at affordable cost.
  • BrainiFit Company Limited commercializes a game-based neurofeedback system designed for cognitive rehabilitation.
  • Spike Architectonics Company Limited fabricates customized microneedle for transdermal delivery of active ingredients with an innovative Microspike technology.
  • Quantum Biotech Company Limited employs biorefinery technology to turn agricultural waste into high-valued chemicals.
  • ReLife Project is in the process of setting up a company to fabricate tissue-engineered corneas.
  • Kantrus Project is in the process of setting up a company to produce bioproducts such as GEFs for medical and cosmetic applications.