On 13 July 2022, NSTDA President Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul led a team of NSTDA executives and staff to attend the launch of Morena Solutions Company Limited. Morena Solutions is a biotech company obtaining investment from Nastda Holding Company Limited - a venture capital firm established by NSTDA to make investment in technology and innovation businesses.

Morena Solutions manufactures employs advanced biotechnology to develop and manufacture supplements for plants and animals to support a sustainable farming system. The company has obtained a technology from BIOTEC-NSTDA for the production and stabilization of a fungal biocontrol agent.

According to NSTDA President Dr. Narong, NSTDA established Nastda Holding with a mission to promote research commercialization and technology businesses in Thailand. Nastda Holding functions as a private company serving as a vehicle to make investment in businesses that commercialize knowledge, technology and innovation. The company focuses on deep tech businesses that commercialize technologies developed by NSTDA or any other public and private organizations in Thailand or overseas as a strategy to enhance the country’s competitiveness and meet the goal of Thailand’s 20-year National Strategy.

Nastda Holding CEO Mr. Chalermpol Tuchinda explained the investment policy of Nastda Holding that the company focuses on the early-stage technology innovation businesses with advanced solutions in target sectors, including agriculture and food, health/wellness, medical, energy and materials. It aims to transition Thailand into a new economy with sustainability. Investment in Morena Solutions reaffirms the company’s mission to promote a new economy through modern agricultural practices and to make Thailand a regional hub for sustainable farming.

Morena Solutions CEO Dr. Karsidete Teeranitayatarn hoped to take his company public within five years with a THB 500 million revenue. Apart from Nastda Holding, the company has garnered investment from Yip In Tsoi & Jacks Company Limited and Chan Wanich Company Limited. In addition to BIOTEC’s biocontrol technology, Morena Solutions employs NZT (Nano Zero waste Transportor) as a core technology in designing all its innovative products to stabilize and transport an active ingredient to its target site to achieve a desired effect. The company is currently working on plant supplements to increase CBD and THC production in hemp and cannabis.