Microspike is the latest technology developed by NANOTEC-NSTDA, led by Dr. Paisan Khanchaitit, Leader of Nanoneedle Research Team. It is the technology that enables the customized fabrication of microneedle patch.


Consisting of needles of micron size, a microneedle patch is a tool used for transporting active compounds into the skin. It presents a new opportunity for painless drug delivery with high bioavailability, and therefore has a broad range of applications, ranging from cosmetic procedures to therapeutic treatment and paving the pathway for future pharmaceutical and biomedical applications. This emerging technology has received considerable attention and its market expects a robust growth.

According to Dr. Paisan, Microspike is a platform that offers fast and accurate mass production of microneedle on fabrics with customizable features. The system is flexible and can accommodate a wide range of active ingredients. With this technology, the shape, length and density of microneedles can be tailored to create specific functionalities suitable for intended applications and active ingredients, thus enhancing transdermal drug delivery and unlocking its potential in cosmetic and health treatments. Microspike was awarded a gold medal at the Special Edition 2022 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days.

Microspike can fabricate a microneedle patch of the size as large as 2,000 sq. cm. and has 25 times greater production capacity than other manufacturing processes currently available in the market.

Based on this unique technology, NSTDA recently founded a startup called Spike Architectonics Company Limited. Spike Architectonics CEO Mr. Tortrakul Poolsopha hopes that the company will fulfil the market demand for microneedle patches in Thailand, currently dominated by imported products. The company services range from consultation to design and manufacturing of microneedle patches. It can manufacture a wide range of products such as spot patches, under-eye patches and facial masks. Currently focusing on cosmetic and wellness sectors, the company is planning to apply microneedle to pharmaceutical and biomedical applications.