NSTDA and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) announced on 7 July 2022 the launch of an Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charger Testing Lab. Present at the press conference were Ms. Ketwarong Hongladaromp, NSTDA Vice President; Dr. Kraison Aunchaleevarapan, Director of Electrical and Electronic Product Testing Center (PTEC-NSTDA); Mr. Warit Rattanachuen, EGAT Assistant Governor - Project Management Office and Mr. Sathit Krongsut, EGAT Assistant Governor - Research, Innovation and Business Development.

Established under the collaboration between NSTDA and EGAT, the EV Charger Testing Lab marks another milestone of Thailand’s EV industry as an EV charger represents a major component of the EV ecosystem. The test will ensure the safety of the equipment for servicing electric vehicles for both land and water transportation.

Scheduled to open on 15 July 2022, the EV Charger Testing Lab is located at PTEC-NSTDA. The test method is based on the IEC 61851 standard for electric vehicle conductive charging systems. The lab offers the testing of high-power DC chargers up to 150 kW designed for electric buses, electric tractors and electric ferries. The availability of testing service in Thailand will greatly enhance the competitiveness of local manufacturers as they do not need to get the test and certification services from overseas, thus lowering the operating cost and reducing the development time.

Apart from EV charger test, PTEC also offers a range of testing services supporting the EV industry, including lithium batteries, electric motorcycle battery modules, EV battery packs, electrification efficiency testing of electric motorcycles and EMC testing of EV.