AI9 is a new startup launched by NSTDA with Terrabit Company Limited and National Telecom Public Company Limited as co-founders. The company provides services and solutions using speech to text technology and natural language processing. Leading AI9 is CEO Dr. Choochart Haruechaiyasak who brought with him more than 15-year research experience at NECTEC-NSTDA.

Dr. Choochart introduced four service platforms currently available at AI9. MANNA is a call center transcription and analytics platform. VATAYA provides voice transcription and text-to-speech service. CUICUI is an intelligent voicebot and digital assistant. And lastly, TASANA is a video subtitle generator for YouTube and Facebook. Each platform can be further customized to users’ specific requirements.

The company is currently working on three major projects: a voice transcription system for parliamentary meetings, a transcription and analytics system for insurance call centers, and an employee sentiment analysis tool.

Dr. Choochart explained that the voice transcription system for parliamentary meetings represents a customized work for a government agency. The system helps reduce the workload of stenographers with over 90% accuracy. Meanwhile, the transcription and analytics system for insurance call centers allows insurance companies to analyze how their agents service the customers and re-check the information from transcription of conversation. The employee sentiment analysis tool is designed to help companies understand how their employees feel about their workplace and enable companies to make an improvement.

In addition to service platforms, AI9 started working with manufacturers to implement voice assistant technology in factories and warehouses or integrate voice technology into products.

Dr. Choochart added that voice assistant market size is valued at USD 1.7 billion and is expected to grow by 30% in the next decade. AI9 is ready to serve any business that would like to explore the potential of voice technology. For more information, please visit its official website at