ANSO Outreach No. 7 released in July 2022 features seven technologies developed by researchers from Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA):

1) Targeted Phytopharmaceuticals Compounds for Better Protection of Agricultural Crops,

2) New Generation of Advanced Cell-based Medicine for Personalized Immunotherapy of Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer,

3) Platform for Development, Manufacturing and Pre-clinical Testing of DNA Based Therapeutics,

4) Cannabis in Combination with Ginger in Soap as a Supportive Therapy for Autoimmune Skin Diseases,

5) Cannabis Cream,

6) CRISPR/Cas Tethered with Exonuclease for Enhanced Genome Editing CRISPR/Cas, and

7) The New Generation Sound Insulation.

Please download HERE.

For HD version, please download HERE.

If you are interested any of the products and would like to cooperate with SASA, please feel free to contact the PIs in the issue.