On 19 December 2023, NSTDA and Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for research and innovation collaboration. The signing ceremony took place at MQDC's Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) situated in DTGO CampUS, with Dr. Janekrishna Kanatharana, Executive Vice President of NSTDA, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Chief Advisor of RISC, MQDC, as the signatories. NSTDA Vice President Dr. Adisorn Tuantranont and RISC Senior Vice President Dr. Jittapat Choruengwiwat served as witnesses.

Dr. Janekrishna Kanatharana remarked that both NSTDA and MQDC recognized the power of research and innovation and therefore initiated the collaboration to develop innovative solutions that meet the demands of consumers and, at the same time, protect the environment and take care of the society – collectively supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

NSTDA functions as the nation’s powerhouse utilizing science, technology and innovation to address national challenges through the implementation of the Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG) model. The BCG model aims at promoting sustainability of biological resources, building resilience to global changes, strengthening the grassroots economy, and enhancing sustainable competitiveness of Thai BCG industries. This collaboration will significantly support innovation in housing development and the development of eco-friendly building materials, contributing the sustainable development.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto emphasized MQDC’s staunch support to utilizing research outputs to drive the country’s development and the on-going trends in placing priority to research and development within the operations of both the public and private organizations. RISC’s main focus is on research and innovation for supporting sustainable lifestyles. The partnership established with NSTDA is aimed at creating sustainable solutions that enhance quality of life under the concept of ‘For All Well-Being’. Research will be executed by RISC’s five research hubs with the prime focus on contributing to the happiness of all living beings and helping maintain a sustainable and resilient environment.

Dr. Singh added that this agreement marks the renewal of the collaboration which started in 2018, honoring a joint commitment to foster “sustainnovation” – innovative and sustainable technology that enhances well-being for building residents. This new phase of collaboration will address both physical and environmental well-being and facilitate the sustainable development in all dimensions.

“MQDC established RISC to develop innovative solutions to improve quality of life for all beings. RISC’s research outputs are not only used for MQDC’s projects, but also available for public use to benefit the society.”

Following the signing ceremony, NSTDA team was given a tour around DTGO CampUs designed and built according to the TREES-NC Standard (Thai’s Rating of Energy and Environmental Sustainability for New Construction and Major Renovation) and the WELL Building Standard of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). The campus also houses co-working space with supporting facilities to foster collaboration.