Bangkok, 7 September 2023 – The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) achieved a historic milestone by unveiling its prestigious designation as a BOI-approved Science and Technology Park (BOI STP). The launch event, held on 7 September 2023 at the AIT Conference Center, brought together visionary minds, pioneering enterprises, and thought leaders from various sectors.

AIT's BOI-approved Science and Technology Park launch marked a significant milestone for Thailand's innovation landscape, attracting foreign enterprises, talents, and collaborations. AIT aims to foster cross-border collaborations, drive research, nurture startups, and address pressing challenges through innovative solutions. It offers comprehensive support from business incubation to expansion, access to Thailand Science Park, IP licensing support and fully equipped workspaces. Entrepreneurs can tap into a diverse pool of over 1500 English-speaking graduate students from over 45 countries as interns and researchers.

Investors applying for BOI STP investment promotion for any qualified project in targeted businesses and situated at AIT will receive special privileges such as additional Corporate Income Tax exemption for 10 to 12 years aside from other benefits and privileges. AIT invites local and foreign industries and enterprises to avail of this unique opportunity.

AIT President, Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto, highlighted Thailand's dedication to uniting academic, research, and industry strengths in investment promotion zones to incentivize innovation and boost national competitiveness. He stated, “As a BOI-approved Science and Technology Park, AIT aspires to harness its global reputation as a gateway for foreign investment and pioneering startups, aligning with our host nation's vision to thrive as a hub of innovation.”

Ms. Sonklin Ploymee, Deputy Secretary General of the Thailand Board of Investment expressed delight in granting AIT the BOI-approved Science and Technology Park (BOI STP) status. She conveyed confidence that AIT, with its wealth of experience and expert talent, will bridge the gap between academic, research, and industry, fostering cutting-edge innovation. This will undoubtedly contribute to Thailand’s development and promote new ideas and innovation globally.

Prof. Sukit Limpijumnong, President of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), welcomed AIT as another partner entity in their Science and Technology Park, foreseeing transformative changes in Thailand's landscape through combined talents and expertise. NSTDA remains steadfast in its commitment to support AIT, and together, they will drive meaningful change.

The event featured a dynamic panel discussion featuring experts and industry leaders who delved into the theme "Exploring Business Opportunities and Innovation in Thailand." The discourse extensively explored the role of AIT's Science and Technology Park in bridging the gap between academia, research, and industry to foster cutting-edge innovations.

Dr. Suwit Khunkitti, AIT's Vice Chair of the Board, has played a crucial role in making the BOI project a reality. His visionary commitment has been pivotal in transforming this concept

into a concrete achievement. His guidance and dedicated efforts in steering this demanding task are highly appreciated.

Attendees also engaged in an enlightening site visit, gaining firsthand insights into AIT's advanced facilities. An exhibition showcased pioneering projects and initiatives by AIT Schools and Centers. The site visit included a tour of CSi Bangkok, AIT’s inaugural BOI company, renowned for its technological innovations, and the acclaimed water lab, recognized as one of the region's foremost facilities of its kind. Attendees also experienced the BOI space, a showroom for companies joining AIT's vibrant and collaborative community.

This launch not only solidified AIT's reputation as a beacon of excellence in education and research but also positioned Thailand as a hub for technological innovation and partnership. The event's activities underscored AIT's commitment to fostering valuable connections between academia, industry, and government, serving as a catalyst for both economic growth and technological advancement.

As AIT embarked on this new chapter as a BOI-approved Science and Technology Park, the impacts were expected to reverberate throughout Thailand and beyond. By creating an environment that nurtures innovation and encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration, AIT is well-poised to make a substantial contribution to the nation's technological prowess and enhance global competitiveness.