NSTDA, in collaboration with the Beijing International Exchange Association and InnoLab Asia, has recently unveiled the Lancang – Mekong Young Leaders and Entrepreneurship Acceleration Camp. The new initiative is designed to develop entrepreneurs from the Lancang – Mekong region, which includes China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand, transforming the economic landscape of these countries into a new economy

“The primary objective of this program is to leverage leadership and entrepreneurship skills of our young executives with a forward-looking vision to employ technology and innovation to advance their businesses and bolster the competitiveness of the Lancang – Mekong region,” remarked Dr. Uracha Ruktanonchai, Executive Vice President of NSTDA.

 Twenty-one teams have been selected from the six participating countries to join the camp. They will enter a comprehensive training program in Thailand consisting of activities such as “Young Leaders Mindset to Achieve More” seminar by the Thai Startup Association, “Huawei Leadership” workshop by Huawei Technologies (Thailand) and an innovation pitching.  Ten teams will be awarded a business trip to China to broaden their horizons and foster international connections.