NSTDA - JÜLICH Annual Seminar on Bioeconomy Research took place on 17 November 2020 as one of many sessions embedded in the ASEAN Innovation Roadmap & Bioeconomy Forum, a 5-day event offering a comprehensive look into ASEAN activities and initiatives in innovation and bioeconomy and potential collaborations with other countries and regions.

NSTDA and Forschungszentrum Jülich (JÜLICH) formed a research collaboration on bioeconomy and set up a joint laboratory on bioeconomy in July 2019, focusing on the following four research themes: precision, smart and digital agriculture, phenotyping platform and automation development, enabling technology development, and value-added products and a sustainable bioeconomy.

Held at Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok with virtual participation of JÜLICH executives and researchers, the public seminar presented scientific findings of NSTDA - JÜLICH projects and information on phenotyping platforms and facilities at both NSTDA and JÜLICH that can support bioeconomy projects. On-going joint projects presented at the seminar include a comparative study of the effect of nonwoven pot bag on the roots structure and plant growth, utilization of genetic and phenotypic variation of storage root development of cassava to improve an important bio-economy crop (CASSAVASTORE), Thailand-Myanmar-Germany collaboration on plant-based irrigation platform (IRRIGATION 4.0) and a study on water efficiency and yield stability through model-based irrigation (DIRECTION). In addition, there were brief presentations on new projects such as pineapple fibers for textiles and the development of smart fertilizer, as well as the mobility program with PhD. scholarships and visiting professor fellowships.

In addition, a workshop between NSTDA and JÜLICH researchers was arranged on 18 November to facilitate the development of joint projects in each research theme, and NSTDA-JÜLICH Steering Committee convened virtually on 25 November with executives from both sides deliberating on the prospects of new joint projects initiated at the workshop.