1. BCG Sectoral Development. BCG model will focus on four sectors.
  • Food and Agriculture. The goal is to migrate from low-value commodities to value-added and premium products, as well as diversify products.
  • Medical and Wellness. The goal is to build capacity on drug and biopharmaceutical production, medical devices and implants, precision medicine and become a hub of healthcare services and clinical research.
  • Bioenergy, Biomaterial and Biochemical. The goal is to achieve energy security and convert biomass to high-value commodities.
  • Tourism and Creative Economy. This sector aims to develop sustainable tourism, tourism destination management system, conserve the environment and link tourism with other service industry in order to advance to high-quality tourism such as wellness tourism, culinary tourism, eco tourism, cultural tourism and sports tourism.
  1. BCG Talent & Entrepreneur Development. BCG model will target the following groups:
  • Startups
  • Innovation-Driven Enterprises (IDEs)
  • Smart Farmers
  • High Value Service Providers
  • Deep Technology Developers
  • Creative Entrepreneurs
  1. BCG Area-based Development. Plans for area-based development are:
  • Northern Economic Corridor (NEC). The focus of NEC will be on food safety and agricultural health standards, agro-industry and food processing, and the integration of “Lanna Culture” into the products and services.
  • North-Eastern Economic Corridor (NEEC). The focus is on resolving major health issues inherent to this region such as liver fluke, promoting insect farming for an alternative protein source and developing cultural tourism along Mekong riverbank.
  • Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The development in this region will focus on fruit production and the development of future industries.
  • Southern Economic Corridor (NEC). This area will focus on precision aquaculture, innovative halal food products and development of new tourist destinations.
  1. BCG Frontier Research/ Knowledge. The following cutting-edge areas have been identified as important to the development of BCG:
  • Complex Microbiota
  • Omics Technologies
  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Gene Editing and Synthetic Biology
  • Terahertz Technology
  • Decarbonization
  • Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing
  • Advanced Digital Technology Platform integrating 5G connectivity and artificial intelligence system for applications in autonomous vehicle, neurocomputing and underwater surveyor