Master’s degree Scholarships (International Program)

TAIST-Tokyo Tech has offered three Master's Degree programs with various Thai universities acting as hosts. First year students are expected to enroll in courses taught mainly by professors from Tokyo Tech. In the second year, researches for dissertations will be carried out mainly in NSTDA various laboratories with NSTDA researchers acting as supervisors or co-supervisors. Professors from Tokyo Tech will actively participate in the educational process of the students throughout each program. After a successful completion of both course work and thesis, the students will receive degrees from the host universities. These programs areAutomotive and Advanced Transportation Engineering : A2TE Program

  1. Automotive and Advanced Transportation Engineering : A2TE Program The host universities are KMUTT and KMITL.

  2. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things : AIoT Program The host universities are SIIT and KU.

  3. Sustainable Energy and Resources Engineering (SERE) The host universities are KU and SIIT.

Target Number and Coverage of Scholarships

Around 70 scholarships will be awarded to accepted students in the Master's degree program in all programs.

Application Period

Now – April 10, 2024

Eligibility of Applications

  1. Applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree of either Engineering or Science in an appropriate discipline (Automotive, Mechanical, Electrical, Metallurgical Control, Electronic, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Materials, Geology, Environmental, Industrial, Agro-Industrial, Computer or related fields) or to be awarded the Bachelor's degree before starting the Master's degree program.
  2. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75/4.00 or equivalent (as of the application submission date), or have at least 2-year working experience, or sufficient relevant research experience, or receive outstanding academic or achievements.
  3. Applicants must submit one of the following English proficiency score as below

Application and Screening Procedure

A. Application Documents (File must be pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlxs, zip, rar. Maximum size: 5 MB)

  1. Photographs taken within the past six months.
  2. Official Bachelor's transcript with grade point.
  3. Statement of purpose (Summary of senior projects, Statement for study motivation, or Statement of research interest)
  4. *Letter of recommendation from the applicant's Advisor.  (A recommendation form can be downloaded from attach file)   
  5. *Letter of recommendation from the applicant's Lecturer or Head of department or Company supervisor, if available. (A recommendation form is the same as above)
  6. Applicants must submit one of the following English proficiency score as below

ฺB. Online Application: Fill in the online application at 

C. Selection : TAIST-Tokyo Tech application committee screen applicants for admission ad inform potential applicants to confirm their invitation to the scheduled interview process via e-mail and make an announcement of eligibility of applicants on website. Note: At the time of admission and scholarship screening procedure, committee may contact the applicants for missing documents or further information.

D. Potential applicants attend the appointed interview with missing documents or other documents upon the committees request.                                                                                                                                         

E. TAIST-Tokyo Tech announces the Scholarship result and informs successful applicants to confirm their acceptance of the scholarship via Reply form and submit required documents back to their host University.

Remark: If it is later discovered that the applicant lacks any of the specified qualifications or if the information provided in the application is found to be false, the application will be disqualified. Additionally, any evidence supporting the application that is determined to be false or forged will result in disqualification. This applies even if the applicant has successfully completed the selection process. Furthermore, applicants found to have submitted false information may be subject to criminal prosecution in accordance with the law.