Master of Engineering Program in Sustainable Energy and Resources Engineering (SERE) 


Environmental problems, both at regional and global levels, are mostly caused by infinite demands for better living. The effects of energy and environmental problems not only exist at the moment, but are also passed to the next generations. To overcome the present problems and be protective ofthe future, engineers and researchers, who are creative and ethical, with a solid background of advanced knowledges on sustainable energy, material, resources and environment, are required, to solve many technological issues.

Kasetsart University and SIIT, Thammasat University, under collaboration with the National Science and Technology Development Agency and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, jointly offer a Master’s degree program in Sustainable Energy and Resources Engineering (SERE) to produce such highly qualified engineers. With a project-based learning approach under the supervision of professors and researchers from Thailand and Japan, the students in the program will be guided through a specifically-designedcurriculum, emphasizing the development of research skills. The program will also promote academic collaborations among higher education institutes, governmental agencies, and the industrial sector, in terms of research outcomes of the projects. These will lead to the global sustainability of energy, environmental and resources.

The curriculum structures

Year 1st (Semester 1st)

Principle of Sustainable Environment Engineering

Sustainable Environmental Engineering Ethics

Environment Risk Analysis                             

Hazardous Wastes Treatment and Disposal

Life Cycle Assessment

Computational Methods for Sustainable Environment

Project Management and Evaluation for Sustainable Environment

Principle of Sustainable Environmental Management

LCA and ECOdesign Modeling Software

Environmental Research Methodology


Alternative Energy for Sustainable Development

Sustainable Biofuel

Materials Characterization for Energy and Environmental Research



Year 1st (Semester 2nd)

Utilization of Resources and Waste for Sustainable Environment                                 

Advanced Environmental Pollutant Analysis

Advanced Control of Global Environmental Problem   

Zero Emission Technology*

Future Power Train for Sustainable Community*                  

Process Design in Sustainable Environment Engineering

Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment

Creative Designing for Sustainable Environmental Engineering

Nanoengineering for Sustainable Development

Railway System Components and Standards*

Principles of Service and Maintenance Design*


Year 2nd (Semester 3rd)

Advanced Remediation Technology

Project Management and Evaluation for Sustainable Environment


Rail Transportation and Environmental Issues*

Safety Engineering for Rail Transportation*


Year 2nd (Semester 4th)