Master of Engineering Program in Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things : AIoT)



In today's world, embedded systems are everywhere -- homes, offices, cars, factories, hospitals, plans and consumer electronics. Those key technologies are to bring us a true ubiquitous society. Their huge numbers and new complexity call for a new design approach based on understanding of system design on computational platforms, one that emphasizes algorithm design, platform design, hardware/software tradeoffs and real time design rather than low-level assembly-language programming and RTL or logic design.

Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT) and Kasetsart University (KU), under collaboration with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) , Japan, jointly offer a Master's degree program in Information and Communication Technology for Embedded Systems (ICTES) to produce such qualified engineers. An embedded systems designer needs to be a multidisciplinary engineer with software programming skills and a broad background in electronic engineering. They must know how to implement procedures to control the target system effectively. In addition to that, the important element in an embedded systems engineers career is the ability to manage projects of various complexities. The 1st year study of TAIST, ICTES program has launched in such a best environment that the advanced academic education is provided by either intensive lectures or distance learning leaded by a group of novel professors in Tokyo Tech, supported by Thailand SIIT and KU professors. (Please refer a subject list of the course study) In addition, the practical research on ICTES has been performed as a project of National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), NSTDA, advised by Tokyo Tech and Thai University Professors and NECTEC researchers.

Professional engineers are involved in creating the technology demanded by society to cater for its needs in consumer goods, medical equipment, transportation, communication and industrial tools. Graduates of ICTES program are likely to be employed in a diverse range of industries with a higher salary. Those, who want to study professional research, may enter into Ph.D. courses in either Tokyo Institute of Technology, or Thai universities.


TAIST ICTES List of Lectures

Lecture Lecturer

  1. Software for Embedded Systems

         1.1 Algorithm and Software Design                                          Shuichi Ueno

         1.2 Embedded Software Design Techniques (IL)                        Tsuyoshi Isshiki

         1.3 Real Time System Design (IL)                                            Nobuhiko Sugino

  1. Hardware for Embedded Systems

         2.1 Basic Digital System Design                                               Tsuyoshi Isshiki

         2.2 Processor Architecture Design                                            Hideo Maejima, Nobuhiko Sugino

         2.3 VLSI Design Methodologies                                                Hiroaki Kunieda

  1. Communication

          3.1 Information Theory and Coding Theory                               Tomohiko Uyematsu,    Ryutaro Matsumoto

          3.2 Wireless Communication Engineering                                  Kiyomichi Araki

          3.3 Information Communication Network                                  Yoshinori Sakai, Katsunori Yamaoka

  1. Signal Processing

          4.1 Digital Signal Processing Theory                                         Akinori Nishihara

          4.2 Speech and language processing                                       Takao Kobayashi, Manabu Okumura

          4.3 Video Processing                                                              Yoshinori Hatori, Takashi Ida

  1. Intelligence Processing

          5.1 Human Interface                                                              Makoto Sato, Yasuharu Koike, Xiaolin Zhang

         5.2 Human Information Processing                                          Keiji Uchikawa, Hirohiko Kaneko, Makio Kashino

         5.3 Artificial Intelligence                                                         Itsuo Kumazawa, Kaoru Hirota

  1. Environment and Control Systems

          6.1 Control Systems Theory                                                    Dr. Waree Kongprawechnon(SIIT)

          6.2 Environment Control Systems                                            Yukio Kosugi, Shigeru Kakumoto

          6.3 Power Electronics Systems                                                Hirohumi Akagi, Hideaki Fujita

  1. Software Design Exercise
  2. Hardware Design Exercise