NSTDA has recently been elected to serve on the Steering Committee of the Life Cycle Initiative. Hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Life Cycle Initiative, LC Initiative, is a public-private, multi-stakeholder partnership aiming to promote the application of life cycle knowledge in the public and private domain. NSTDA is among 21 government organizations joining the LC Initiative’s membership which also includes 70 business entities, 52 science and civil societies and 309 individuals worldwide.

NSTDA founded Technology and Informatics Institute for Sustainability (TIIS) to lead the development of technology and informatics to support life cycle thinking (LCT). The institute develops data (products and services) as well as data management system and methodologies to support circular economy (CE) and sustainable growth, as well as enhance the nation’s competitiveness. TIIS has established the National Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Database for Sustainable Development as a national infrastructure containing LCI information of various business sectors including natural gas, oil refinery, petrochemical, agriculture and food, and transportation groups. Thai National LCI Database has been used extensively by organizations in both public and private domains. The database helps manufacturers improve the production process to achieve green manufacturing and obtain an environmental label, and also supports various government initiatives such as green growth policy, green public procurement, green GDP assessment and the Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG) national agenda.

The LC Initiative’s Steering Committee consists of nine elected members representing three constituencies, namely government, business, science and civil society. NSTDA’s term on the LC Initiative’s Steering Committee will start from 2021-2022 cycle and last until 2024.