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              To expedite the national Science and Technology (S&T) development mission, one initiative taken by NSTDA is in the establishment of a postdoctoral fellowships program.  This program highlights the importance of well-trained S&T human resources and their career path in research.  The program provides fellowship grants for Ph.D. graduates to gain experiences in specialist areas with NSTDA’s lead scientists in a world-class R&D environment, at the Thailand Science Park. NSTDA mentors and the postdoctoral fellows will have opportunities to share and exchange  their knowledge and expertise on selected research topics in line with the Thailand’s National S&T Strategic Plan (2004 – 2013). The postdoctoral fellows will gain access and benefits via collaboration through the alliances of researchers under the mentorship arrangement.  This program is also aimed to attract and promote career in research for competent and prominent Thai researchers.  The postdoctoral fellowships are available in four national centers: BIOTEC, MTEC, NECTEC, and NANOTEC. The areas of research include: Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Solids and Materials Technology, and Computer and Electronics Technology.