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Newton UK-Thailand Joint Research on BCG

Newton UK-Thailand Joint Research on BCG


Newton UK-Thailand Joint Research on BCG

Newton UK-Thailand Joint Research on BCG

        The UK-Thailand Research and Innovation Partnership Fund is the first formal research and innovation partnership programme between the UK and Thai Governments. To date, there has been total of 19 Newton programmes which are divided into three categories: people, research and translation. The UK and Thailand will jointly invest £46 million (THB 1,840 million) from 2014 until 2021.

        Over seven years of implementation, the UK-Thailand Research and Innovation Partnership Fund has contributed to improving Thailand’s research and innovation system, and consequently has made a material difference to the quality of people’s lives through funding providing fund to Ph.D. students, researchers and government officials.

        Because problems from resource scarcity (such as food, water and energy), environmental degradation, increasing vulnerability to the effects of climate change and risks from disease and natural hazards have still disproportionately impacted on Thailand, three joint research programmes on health and agritech which have co-funded by NSTDA are highlighted.

  • UK-Thailand Health Research to tackle the important infectious diseases focusing on vaccine development, drug resistance, detection, diagnostic kits, and outbreak prediction system.
  • Rice Research to build on the combined strengths of academic research groups within China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and the UK to work together on collaborative interdisciplinary research that underpin the long-term sustainable production of rice.
  • Swine and Poultry Research underpin the development of novel strategies to diagnose, prevent, manage or treat microbiological diseases of swine and poultry, to promote safe, healthy, resilient and sustainable food production systems in China and/or South East Asia and reduce the potential incidence of zoonotic disease.



25 March 2021

13.30 – 13.35

Introduction to session
By Pijarana Samukkan
Research and Innovation Programme Manager, British Embassy

13.35 – 14.45

Opening Remarks &
Keynote on
UK Research and Innovation Collaboration in Thailand and beyond : Strategy, Activities and Achievements
By Ms. Nicola Willey
Regional Director South East Asia Science and Innovation,
British High Commission, Singapore


UK’s International Research Partnership: strategy and priorities by

  • Medical Research Council, UKRI
  • Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, UKRI


Presentation from grant-holders (10 min each)
UK-Thailand Joint Health Call focusing on infectious diseases

  • Analysis of flavivirus infection on the cellular lipidome – implications for virus particle production and replication.
  • Dissecting global protective immune response to dengue virus at a single-cell resolution
  • Deep Mutational Scanning of Dengue Viruses for Vaccine Development
  • Using whole genome sequencing to characterise drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Thailand


Presentation from grant-holders (10 min each)
UK-China-Philippines-Thailand Swine and Poultry Research Initiative

  • China/UK/Thailand Program on Poultry Biosafety for Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter (CUT-SEC)
  • Development of live attenuated vaccine candidates for Newcastle Disease Virus
  • Rapid diagnostics and control strategies for enteric bacterial pathogens in backyard and commercial poultry production in Thailand and the Philippines
  • Broadly protective vaccines for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome and swine influenza virus infections
  • The development of a phage food additive with the aim to control Salmonella in swine and poultry





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