NANOTEC-NSTDA developed a technology to enable Bannmaihomhinoki Chaiprakarn Company Limited to manufacture a Hinoki aroma pillow. The aroma has a long-lasting effect after multiple washes.

Dr. Varol Intasanta, Director of NANOTEC Nanohybrids and Coating Research Group, explained that the challenge of this project was to develop a cost-effective technology to adhere the fragrance onto the home textile with increased durability. The research team developed the encapsulation technique of Hinoki cypress essential oil and the fiber coating process to deposit essential oil microcapsules onto textile fiber. Among the types of home textile involved in the aroma pillow – pillowcase, pillow cover and pillow stuffing, the research team chose to apply the technology on the pillow stuffing fiber to ensure long lasting effect of the aroma.

Encapsulation offers the protection of essential oils against other elements and provides controlled release of the essential oil. The coating process that the team developed offers consistent finishing, requires short processing time and is cost-effective.  The finished product was subjected to the AATCC135:2015 standard test for the determination of dimensional changes of fabrics when subjected to home laundering procedures. The results demonstrated that the coating did not significantly alter the physical properties of the fiber. The aroma is well maintained after subjecting to multiple washes and accelerated conditions such as high temperature and pressure as tested by experts at Kasetsart University Sensory and Consumer Research Center.

Bannmaihomhinoki Chaiprakarn plans to launch Hinoki aroma pillow in 2022 and apply this technology to other products such as stuff animals, bedding and furniture (sofa and cushion).