Traffy Fondue was presented with the 1st runner-up National Innovation Award 2021 for Social & Environmental Contribution. The award presentation presided by MHESI Minister Dr. Anek Laothamatas was held on 5 October 2021 to coincide with Thailand’s National Innovation Day. The National Innovation Awards recognize innovations and innovators in five categories: economic contribution, social & environmental contribution, product & service design, media & communication, and innovative organization. Receiving the award on behalf of NECTEC-NSTDA was Dr. Wasan Pattara-atikom, Leader of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Team.

Traffy Fondue is a municipality complaint reporting and management system. The system enables citizens to report city problems to and get an update on the case from the city administration via a mobile application. On the application, residents can file a report of city problems - ranging from waste to potholes, broken footpath and streetlights – and take a photo. The report along with photos and GPS locations will then be directed to concerned departments to fix the problems. The department in charge provides an update on the case, which can be viewed by the person who files the report.

Traffy Fondue has also been employed to manage urgent threats to the public such as forest fire and COVID-19. The system engages citizens in reporting forest fire incidents and people coming into the province from COVID-19 affected areas so that concerned authorities can take swift actions to manage the cases.

Traffy Fondue is linked to 1,772 local government agencies under the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and the Department of Local Administration, as well as 12 estates and 232 buildings to resolve the problems. A total of 14,033 cases have been filed and each case takes an average of 6.2 hours to resolve. The system enables 65-min time saving per case and a total of 42.45-million-THB cost saving.