AMED Telehealth developed by NSTDA research team at Assistive Technology and Medical Devices Center (A-MED) has been applied to support Home Isolation and Community Isolation programs.

Home isolation and community isolation programs are new strategies introduced by the Thai government in July 2021 to cope with the surge in number of new COVID-19 cases. An asymptomatic or mild–symptom COVID-19 patients who meet the criteria can sign up for the government's home isolation scheme with the National Health Security Office. Once accepted into the program, the patient will receive meals, medicines, devices such as thermometer and pulse oximeter for monitoring symptoms, and telehealth service via LINE messaging app while staying at home.

Mr. Watcharakon Noothong of A-MED Health Innovation and Information Research Team explained that AMED Telehealth was designed to serve as a back office operating platform to support telehealth service provided by hospitals. The platform is integrated to LINE app, allowing patients in isolation to daily report their health conditions and supporting a video call between patients and medical personnel for close monitoring via LINE app. Daily health report is fed into the AMED Telehealth system of the hospital. The system also contains hospital information such as available hospital beds, number of patients and number of days each patient undergoing home isolation. This information along with daily health report allows medical professionals at the hospital to manage cases efficiently. AMED Telehealth also comes with a special feature for doctors to order tests and prescribe medicines for each case, enabling doctors and nurses to work cooperatively online.

AMED Telehealth offers a more convenient and safe solution to patient care and gives patients confidence when they need to stay at home for treatment.