Despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, NSTDA continues to develop innovative methods to deliver STEM education to students and teachers across Thailand. And this work is now being recognised internationally.

Ms. Ruetai Chongsrid and her NSTDA  colleagues have developed curriculum and learning materials

called “STEM and Coding in Action:Knowledge and Awareness Augmentation for COVID-19 Prevention”

that are designed to raise awareness and strengthen understanding among students and teachers about COVID -19, and then to use this knowledge to maintain their own health and that of the communities around them.

The NSTDA “STEM and Coding in Action” curriculum has now been recognised by “Science & You” which is an international event of scientific and technical culture organized by the University of Lorraine in France that attracts the best science communicators from around the world.  After three editions in 2015 (Nancy), 2017 (Montreal) and 2018 (Beijing), a new edition will take place from November 16th to 19th 2021 in Metz, France. The innovative work of Ms Ruetai Chongsrid and her NSTDA colleagues be presented during the Science & You event and will be published in the conference proceedings. Ms. Ruetai Chonsgrid is Senior Director of the Academic Affairs and Youth Science Program Development Division at NSTDA.

Since the emergence of COVID-19, NSTDA has developed more than 60 STEM online learning clips and 12 online STEM camps.