On 9 March 2020, NSTDA welcomed the visit of representatives from universities in the Rocky Mountains. The visit aimed to introduce overview of the universities and to explore the possibilities of collaboration.

After an opening session, the visitors were introduced to NSTDA activities and toured research facility of the National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC). A discussion between representatives of universities and NSTDA research centers was held exploring the collaboration in terms of research and internship program. 

The universities participated in this visit and details of their focusing and specializing areas are:

  • University of Denver, a private university, is outstanding in engineering and environmental management. Each year, the university gains approximately $25 million of research funding.
  • University of Montana has a medical research center funded by National Institute of Health (NIH). In addition, the university also has a research collaboration with NASA in a scope of space and astronomy.
  • University of Wyoming is outstanding in biological science. The area of interest is about an internship program in tourism management.  
  • University of Utah specializes in pharmaceutical and herbal & natural extract substances for pharmaceutical. The university’s research park houses a number of institutes and research centers.