THAILAND TECH SHOW 2020 - an annual event showcasing inventions developed and services offered by Thai academic and research institutes to potential investors, tech entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs and corporates – held an opening ceremony on 2 December 2020, marking the first time the event is organized in a fully virtual format.

In his opening remarks, MHESI Minister Dr. Anek Laothamatas stated that this technology fair is one of the government’s mechanisms to promote the exploitation of science, technology and innovation to enhance industrial competitiveness to warrant sustainable growth.

NSTDA President Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul revealed that THAILAND TECH SHOW 2020 features 290 innovations from over 40 local and international agencies that are opened for technology transfer arrangement. NSTDA has organized over 14 shows in Bangkok and upcountry. Last year’s event had 234 innovations on display attracting over 300 licensing applications with 70 licensing agreements already concluded.

Highlights of annual THAILAND TECH SHOW are “10 Technologies to Watch” presentation updating investors on upcoming technology trends that will significantly impact the business, economy and society in the next 5-10 years and Investment Pitching made by innovators. This year’s “10 Technologies to Watch” include COVID-19 vaccine, rejuvenating drug and biobased polymer PEF (polyethylene furandicarboxylate). Over the years, out of 51 innovations pitched for investment at THAILAND TECH SHOW, 16 innovations have been licensed and 5 are in the negotiation stage.

Virtual THAILAND TECH SHOW 2020 is open until 4 December. Participation is free of charge at