RFID patient tracking & identification system is an innovation that was developed from the 2P @Safety Tech (Patient and Personnel Safety Technology Awards), a program that supports the creation and exploitation of healthcare innovations to enhance patient and personnel safety in hospitals.

The idea behind this innovation was the need for a system that allows fast and accurate identification of patients and contains patients’ health information in the hospital’s emergency room. Developed by Intelligence System Corporation Company Limited in collaboration with Rayong Hospital, RFID patient tracking & identification system consists of four parts: 1) a wristband that contains patient’s personal identification information and is color-coded to determine patient’s acuity, 2) records of patient’s medical procedures and health data, 3) data analysis for evaluating the treatment and making improvement, and 4) dashboard visualization. After the patient is discharged, data on the wristband will be deleted, enabling the reuse of wristband up to 200,000 times. The system has been used in the emergency room of Rayong Hospital and shown to enhance the safety and performance of the emergency room. The hospital is planning to expand the use of this RFID tracking system to its other departments. Several other hospitals have visited Rayong Hospital to learn about this innovation and many have implemented the technology afterward.

The 2P @Safety Tech was launched in 2018 as a joint program of NSTDA and the Healthcare Accreditation Institute to serve as a platform to facilitate and support the development of healthcare innovation to improve patient and personnel safety (2P Safety) in hospitals. The program matches a hospital to an innovator to co-create a solution to 2P Safety and helps bring the innovation to market. Since its inception, the program has supported 37 hospitals and 15 tech companies to successfully develop 14 innovations that are in use in hospitals.