NSTDA organized Thailand Tech Show 2019 on 5-6 September 2019 at Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at Central World. The fair was opened on 5 September by Dr. Atchara Wongsaengchan, Deputy Permanent-Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. Thailand Tech Show is an annual event aimed at showcasing inventions developed and services offered by Thai academic and research institutes to potential investors, tech entrepreneurs and industry. The event featured seminar, technology pitching, displays of 234 innovations from 41 Thai academic and research institutes as well as companies covering various technologies, ranging from medical science, to agriculture, aquaculture, machinery, cosmeceutical, food and beverage, electronics and educational media.

One of the highlights of Thailand Tech Show every year is the presentation “Ten Technologies to Watch”. This year, Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul, NSTDA President, introduced the following ten technologies that expect to make remarkable impact to the economy and society in the next five to ten years: Mobile Network 5G/6G, Quantum Computing and Engineering, Future Artificial Intelligence, Mobility-as-a-Service, Perovskite Solar Cell, Next Generation Lithium Ion Batteries, Exoskeleton, Bacterial Multifunctional Fiber, Companion Diagnostics and Personalized Cancer Vaccine.

 Another highlight was the investment pitching contest held under the banner “NSTDA Investors' Day 2019”. This year, 11 inventors were given 7 minutes each on the stage to pitch their inventions to the audience and judges. Eleven inventions are:

  • V-Happy: Non-surgical male animal sterilization (Inventor: Mr. Jakarwan Yostawonkul, NANOTEC-NSTDA)
  • JibJib CUI: Communication platform between human and computer (Inventor: Dr. Kwanchiva Thangthai and Dr. Chaianun Damrongrat, NECTEC-NSTDA)
  • Magik Growth: Spunbond nonwoven agricultural fabric (Inventor: Dr. Natthaphop Suwannamek, MTEC-NSTDA)
  • Traffy City Platform: Platform for city management empowered by sensor technology and AI (Inventor: Dr. Wasan Pattara-atikom and Mr. Napong Wanichayapong, NECTEC-NSTDA)
  • Betaprime: Beta-glucan Production for Application in Functional Food and Cosmetics (Inventor: Dr. Wai Prathumpai, BIOTEC-NSTDA)
  • Healthy Box: Latex-coated Styrofoam Cooler (Inventor: Dr. Orasa Patarapaiboolchai and Mr. Dechawat Withiruangratsamee, Walailak University)
  • HSA Grill Machine (Inventor: Dr. Theerapong Borirak, Eastern Asia University)
  • Thai Colostomy Bag (Inventor: Dr. Worrawit Wanichsuwan, M.D., Prince of Songkla University)
  • Hydrophobic (Sodium) Silicate Gel (Inventor: Dr. Sutin Kuharuangrong, Suranaree University of Technology)
  • Pasteurizing-Hot Air Drying Combined Disinfecting Machine for Medical Equipment (Inventor: Prof. Akeau Unahalekhaka, Chiang Mai University)
  • ARSA Framework: Platform of Things (Dr. Arsa Tangjitsomkit, Thammasat University)

The award for the most interesting technology for investment was presented to Dr. Worrawit Wanichsuwan, M.D. for Thai Colostomy Bag.

Inventions showcased in this fair are available for licensing. For information on inventions and licensing procedure, please visit: