The Business Incubation Center (BIC) of NSTDA presented a fall detection system to Sungaikolok Hospital in Narathiwat Province under “Technology for Better Society” campaign. The fall detection system belongs to Database Commerce, a company engaging in developing and delivering assistive technologies for patients and the

elderly, and technologies for hospital management. The 400,000 baht fall detection system presented to Sungaikolok Hospital consists of six sets of IoT hardware and software for data center and interfacing with the hospital’s information system. The system was developed in close consultation with the Healthcare Accreditation Institute under 2P@Safety Tech (Patient and Personnel Safety) program.

“Technology for Better Society” campaign aims to provide innovations and technologies in three categories – education, healthcare and support to local business - for public use. All selected innovations -- owned by companies participated in NSTDA incubation program or received technology transfer from NSTDA -- have been assessed for quality standards, and many have won awards from local and international competitions. Prior to this occasion, the campaign has presented more than 10 technologies, worth 12 million baht, to Udon Thani province and eight provinces in lower northeastern region.

The main mission of BIC-NSTDA is to provide integrated and comprehensive support to new tech business entrepreneurs. BIC offers SMEs and startups access to numerous programs such as Startup Voucher, Food Accelerate, SUCCESS, Bio-based Startup and Young Technopreneur.