MTEC research team was awarded winning “Science and Technology Excellence Award Public Category”, for the project  “Dual Function Package for Longan: Fresh & Safe Freshness Quality Retention and Reduction of SO2 Fumigation Level”, in the International Packaging Innovation Award (IPIA) 2014, at BITEC Bangkok, June 13, 2014,

organized by the Department of Packaging and Materials Technology, Faculty of Agro-Industry,Kasetsart University.

The development of active packaging films is to preserve the freshness of food products and to inhibit microbial growth in package of postharvest longan.  MTEC research team has developed postharvest technology and packaging to prolong the shelf life of fresh longan and to inhibit microbial growth by using Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), used as a fruit fumigation treatment to inhibit microbial growth and to improve the safety of consumer products.