On June 20, 2006 the government endorsed the proposal by the Ministry of S&T to honor HM the King as Father of Thai Innovation for his achievement in the royal initiative project “Tricking the soil”. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, the National Innovation Day is held on Oct 5 of every year.

Congratulations to Dr. Kittiwut Kasemwong, researchers at NANOTEC Nano Delivery System Lab, and Dr. Kitti Supchukun MD of KLEAN Greentech Co.,Ltd whose joint research on “Zeta-Technology” a mycotoxin binding for animal feed (pork, poultry, and fish) received the Merit Award at the National Innovation Day 2014 on October 5 at Centara Grand Hotel in Bangkok. Dr. Sumet Tanti-Vejkul opened the award ceremony. The award categories are Economic Contribution and Social Contribution.

“The joint research did not actually take very long to accomplished, it only took 2 days to discussed and 4 months to produce the first commercial samples, this is due to the fact that Dr. Kittiwut and his research colleagues already have the knowledge on nano delivery system” said Dr. Kitti. “The zetatechnology is already commercialized under the name ZetaL-Tonic and we plan to list the product register it in MAI (Market for Alternative Investment) of the Stock Exchange of Thailand within 2 years. This listing will be a highlight of our accomplishment”.

Zetatechnology employs nanotechnology in selecting various types of nanoclay particles and transform their structure into nanocomposite. The processes helps promote reinforce action, enabling the products to effectively absorb all types of mycotoxin that pose problems in livestock production.

The economic and social benefits of mycotoxin binder which is used for absorbing contaminants in animal feed ingredient can help minimize farmers’ losses in the livestock production. Thailand’s annual import of mycotoxin binder products stand at around Baht 1.4 billion and this innovation will greatly help to reduce import.