NECTEC-NSTDA and the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) recently announced a collaboration to drive digital transformation and innovation in geology and resource management. The agreement signing ceremony was held virtually on 26 August 2021 with the presence of DMR Director General Dr. Sommai Techawan and NECTEC Executive Director Dr. Chai Wutiwiwatchai.

Digital technology has the potential to support DMR mission which includes the conservation, education and value creation of knowledge in geological sciences, as well as the prevention of geologic hazards.

The two parties have been collaborating on applying digital technology to the work of DMR. Two digital platforms developed by NECTEC have already been implemented at DMR. Navanurak ( is a digital platform for archiving data such as cultural data and biodiversity information. Museum Pool is an information management system for museum content and supply the content - including images, audio and video clips - to tourists. Museum Pool has been implemented to manage seven DMR museums. The platforms have been used to manage knowledge of geoparks to support local economy development and sustainable tourism. Database of Satun Global Geopark currently contains 3,163 items – of which 2,076 are biological data and 1,088 cultural data. In addition, NECTEC has applied digital technology to help the prevention of geologic hazards. Wireless sensor network has been installed in landslide-prone areas. Point clouds are used in rockfall investigation, whereas satellite images in landslide investigation. This agreement will allow the two organizations to initiate more projects that will make a positive impact to geology and resource management.