With the growing popularity of plant-based protein, MTEC-NSTDA has developed high-protein drink made from mung bean meal, aiming to utilize by-product of food industry.

M-Pro jelly drink is a gel high-protein, calcium-fortified drink made from mung bean meal. As mung bean meal is a by-product of glass noodle manufacturing, this protein drink is not only healthy for consumption, but supports the Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG) agenda through circular concept.

Mung beans are rich in protein and are produced abundantly in Thailand. In glass noodle manufacturing, starch is extracted from mung beans to make noodles, leaving behind mung bean meal which is high in protein. This mung bean meal is mainly used to feed animals. Therefore, using mung bean meal to produce protein drink helps add great value to this industrial by-product.

Dr. Sirikarn Wisetsuwannaphum, food materials researcher of MTEC, explained the development of M-Pro jelly drink. Mung bean protein is processed to create required protein structures and sizes, and hydrocolloids are added to help stabilize protein structures and distribution. As protein is stabilized, it will not separate and form slurry when heated. The drink is calcium fortified, making this plant-based drink as nutritious as milk. M-Pro product can be kept for two weeks in refrigerator. More development is being done to stretch the product shelf life without refrigeration.

M-Pro jelly drink contains 6% protein by weight, 20% more than the recommended daily protein intake for Thai people aged 6 and above. Its calcium content is 10% higher than the recommended daily calcium intake.

M-Pro jelly drink is for consumers who prefer alternative protein for better health or are lactose intolerant. Furthermore, plant-based protein has less carbon footprint that that of meat-based; this mung bean protein drink therefore helps create sustainability.