Ve-Chick is the latest innovation from MTEC-NSTDA, offering alternative protein for healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Dr. Kamolwan Israkarn, member of MTEC Food Materials Research Team, explained that the team employed knowledge on food structure design and the soy protein properties, along with the use of binding substances acting as a binder and the appropriate dietary fiber to create soy-based chicken meat with a similar texture to chicken. Flavoring agents are added to give it a taste like real chicken.

Chicken meat contains approximately 20 grams of protein per 100 grams. Ve-Chick contains 16% protein and 6-10% dietary fiber by weight. Unlike chicken, Ve-Chick is completely free from cholesterol and growth hormone residue.

Ve-Chick is now available in two forms, both with very accessible price. Pre-cooked product is in the meat form and premix in the powder form.

Ve-Chick manufacturing technology is available for licensing for commercialization or research collaboration for product development. This technology not only offers alternative source of protein, but also supports food security and environmental sustainability.