Though required in relatively small quantities, micronutrients are essential for crop growth and development.  Some micronutrients are easily precipitated in soil, and their utilization is, therefore, not efficient. To improve micronutrient utilization efficiency, Dr. Khomson Suttisintong, NANOTEC researcher, developed a chelated fertilizer prepared from amino acids bonding with mineral micronutrients to form organic complexing agents enabling better delivery of micronutrients. Designed for foliar application, this novel fertilizer can potentially boost farm productivity by 20% and reduce the use of fertilizer by 50%.

This technology has been transferred to Tech Science Company Limited and a range of fertilizer formulas have been launched. According to Mr. Watcharin Intorn, Tech Science Managing Director, the company is targeting fruit orchards in the East, South and North of Thailand as their main customers in the initial stage and will expand to other crops and neighboring countries.

Mr. Somsak Paechuensuk used the fertilizer in his durian orchard. He saw an improvement in the growth of durian trees after 2 months of application. The productivity has increased, and the fruits are larger, enabling them to enter premium and export markets. The new fertilizer also saves the cost of fertilizer and supplement by 30%.

Executive Director Dr. Wannee Chinsirikul reaffirmed that this product is an example of BCG actions that NANOTEC-NSTDA is implementing by employing advanced technology and innovation to create additional value to the agricultural sector.