Air filters are used to remove particulates and microorganisms from the air stream. However, under suitable conditions, retained microbes can propagate and re-enter the filtered air, exposing users to respiratory problems such as allergy and pneumonitis. To solve this problem, NANOTEC research team has employed nano-coating technology to impart antibacterial and antifungal properties to an air filter. Dr. Nuttaporn Pimpha, Team Leader of Environmental Nanotechnology Research Team, Nanohybrids and Coating Research Group, explained that nanoparticles coated on the filter inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. The nano-coating process is simple and cost-effective and can be easily applied by the industry. In addition, the coating material does not alter other functional properties of the air filter.

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the air filter have been verified by AATCC TM30:2017 (test III) and CLSI M2-A11 standard tests, whereas the particulate filtration efficiency has met the ISO16890 Classification ISO ePM10. The filter’s performance in a car has also been tested and found to be effective after 13,000 km on the road.

This technology has been transferred to A Tech Filtration Company Limited, a filter manufacturer. The company recently launched this product and planned to export to ASEAN countries.