As the COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic, efforts have been made to suppress the spread of the disease.  NSTDA has introduced two mobile applications – DDC-Care and Traffy Fondue - that support the government and society to cope with this crisis in Thailand. Both apps were developed by research teams at NECTEC and Assistive Technology and Medical Devices Center.

DDC-Care is a system designed for tracking and monitoring health of individuals at risk of COVID-19. The mobile app has been developed by NSTDA in collaboration with the Department of Disease Control, the Digital Government Development Agency and Thammasat University. The system enables the Department of Disease Control to monitor and assess people at risk who undergo 14-day self-isolation. People at risk will be asked by the hospitals to download the app, and self-report their health information daily via the app. The Department of Disease Control will then be able to make assessment on the medical condition of each individual and provide medical recommendation or treatment to each individual accordingly in a timely manner.

Traffy Fondue is an app that enables citizens to report city problems to and get an update on the case from the city administration. People can send a report of city problems - ranging from waste to potholes, broken footpath and streetlights - accompanied with photos and GPS location. The report will then be directed by the system to concerned department to fix the problems.  The department in charge provides an update on the case, which can be viewed by the person who file the report. To support the effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 through people migrating across provinces, the system has been applied to LINE chatbot platform to enable citizens to report on people coming into the province from COVID-19 affected areas including Bangkok. The report is sent to the Ministry of Interior and alerts local authorities to investigate and conduct proper health screening & monitoring on the reported case accordingly.