The National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) held a 2020 NRCT Award presentation ceremony on 2 February 2020, during the opening of Thailand Inventors’ Day. A number of NSTDA researchers were among recipients of NRCT Invention Awards and NRCT Dissertation Awards.

Five NSTDA inventions were honored with NRCT Invention Awards as follows:

  • Innovation to Prevent the Spoilage of Fresh Natural Rubber Latex for Improving the Efficiency of Smoked Rubber Sheet Production and Increasing the Quality of Farmer’s Life by Dr. Chaveewan Kongkaew et al., MTEC-NSTDA.
  • OnSpec VULCAN: High-Throughput SERS Production System by Dr. Pitak Eiamchai et al., NECTEC-NSTDA.
  • KidBright: An Educational Board for Teaching Coding and STEM Education by Dr. Saowaluck Kaewkamnerd et al., NECTEC-NSTDA
  • MyAir: Wearable PM 2.5 Detector Using Tiny Light Scattering Sensor by Piezoelectric Diaphragm Micro Pump to Deliver Particle Matter for Accessories Design by Dr. Adisorn Tuantranont et al., NSTDA

 In addition, six NSTDA young talents were celebrated for their excellent dissertations with NRCT Dissertation Awards as follows:

  • Organoboranes as 18F-fluoride Anion Captors by Dr. Kantapat Chansaenpak, NANOTEC-NSTDA
  • Acquisition and Reconstruction Methods for Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Dr. Itthi Chatnuntawech, NANOTEC-NSTDA
  • Improvement of Photovoltaic Properties of Solar Cells with Organic and Inorganic Films Prepared by Meniscus Coating Technique by Dr. Anusit Kaewprajak, NANOTEC-NSTDA
  • Characterization of Aminoglycoside - Resistant Genes in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Clinical Strains and Role of Drug Efflux Pump Genes on Kanamycin and Amikacin Resistance by Angkanang Sowajassatakul, BIOTEC-NSTDA
  • Nanomaterials for Electronic and Sensing Applications by Noppadol Aroonyadet NANOTEC-NSTDA
  • Computer Lipreading Via Hybrid Deep Neural Network Hidden Markov Models by Dr. Kwanchiva Thangthai, NECTEC-NSTDA