“Hatakaab” is a famous brand in Thailand for over 80 years, well known for its Takaab traditional anti-cough pill. The company and BIOTEC-NSTDA have developed a new product, an anti-cough mouth spray, to be launched in the first quarter of 2020.

Dr. Kobkul Laoteng, Director of Functional Ingredients and Food Innovation Research Group of BIOTEC, revealed that the research team has employed industrial process technology and antimicrobial activity analysis in the development of Takaab anti-cough mouth spray, while maintaining the same herbal formula. The new product has the same efficacy as Takaab pill, exhibiting 99.9% inhibitory activity against bacterium causing pharyngitis within 5 minutes. The formula is antibiotic-free, and therefore the mouth spray will not cause antibiotic resistance. In addition, the manufacturing process is designed to be environmental-friendly, and employs technology and equipment locally made.

This anti-cough mouth spray is an example of utilizing technology and innovation to add more value to products and services to meet market’s demand and protect the environment, which is the key concept of Bio-Circular-Green economic model.