One of the highlights at Thailand Tech Show 2020 was the Investment Pitching event in which 10 researchers presented their innovations to potential investors for business opportunities. This year, a wide-range of innovations were pitched, including seed purity test, negative pressure patient transportation chamber, air cleaner, COVID-19 test kit, software for evaluating a microorganism’s potential in producing a bioproduct, fabric paint produced from rubber latex, UVC disinfection robot, RF dry blanching technology for dried herb production, antimicrobial food packaging film and container load optimization software. 

HybridSure was voted the most investable innovation and the best presentation by online audiences. Developed by Dr. Wirulda Pootakham of the National Omics Center, HybridSure is a quick and accurate DNA-based purity test for a variety of F1 hybrid seeds.

Hybrid seeds are produced by cross-pollinating plants in a controlled environment. Hybrids are bred to improve the characteristics of the resulting plants such as better yield and disease resistance. Conventionally, a grow out test is used to determine the purity of given seed lots. In the grow out test, seed samples are grown up to maturity to assess their characteristics. This method is laborious, time-consuming and may not give accurate results.

HybridSure offers a more accurate alternative, as high as 99% accuracy, to the grow out test because customized single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers are used which can differentiate closely related cultivars. The test takes only two days from DNA extraction to the analysis, as opposed to the grow out test which requires 6-12 months. In addition, the National Omics Center holds the largest DNA marker database in Southeast Asia, thus ensuring that this test has a vast varietal coverage of vegetables, fruits and flowers in this region.

At the cost of 30 THB/sample, HybridSure may seem more expensive than grow out test. However, considering the level of rapidity and accuracy HybridSure can provide, the advantage can outweigh the cost. Because seed testing is an important step in the seed business, a fast and accurate test like HybridSure will benefit all players in the seed industry, from seed farmers, to seed production companies and exporting companies.

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